How Much Do You Cost?

Inevitably, this is one of the first questions most people ask when hiring a photographer but it is one of the least important.

More important questions to ask are the details about the photographer’s style, and their customer service. Are they guaranteed? Do they offer custom photography? What's important to them? Are they a photographer just for weekend entertainment or are they constantly working to improve themselves? Will they leave you with work to do or will you have a finished product to enjoy for the rest of your life?



It is difficult to compare photographer’s style, and you really won’t know about customer service until you have worked with them. This is one of the major reasons it is important to meet with your photographer before the big day. Get to know them. Let them get to know you.


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So...How Much Do You Cost?

I do custom photography. There are no two weddings or sessions that are exactly the same. To accurately answer that question, let’s get together and chat. There is no obligation, and no pressure, just a chance for us to come to an understanding about what the most important details and reasons for these photographs are. Read more here about what that process looks like.

Most photographers charge a session fee. I used to because I was afraid it was the only way I could make money as a photographer. "I am an artist. My time is valuable and I deserve to be well compensated!" It sounds pretentious - no?

You work hard for your income, too. But rarely does your boss pay you just to show up.

Many photographers are still offering images on a disk. When digital photography started, this became a shortcut for doing the work of creating art that

can be viewed and treasured. What we discovered is that most disks went into a desk drawer and the artwork you paid for is lost. Now few computers come with disk drives...and we've found the lifespan of disks is shorter than we thought. Historical records and beautiful artwork vanishes.

Of the remaining photographers who do sell prints or artwork, most offer preconceived packages. Packages are great: for a salesperson. They bundle something they know you want with high profit filler and it seems like value. How does a photographer guess your needs?

Or a photographer makes you return to them to view and order your prints. Home field advantage and every sales tool prepared at the ready?

I've turned all of that on its head.
I'm making photography a service profession again and putting the emphasis back on you: the client. To focus - no pun intended - on your needs.

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