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MDK_8678MDK_8678Mary Renfro at Lebanon First United Methodist Church.

There are 100,000 photographers per capita these days - what makes MDKauffann Photography special?

I create magic.

I can take ordinary you and make your image into a work of art.

I can take your bad hair day, awkwardness, goofy smile, crooked teeth, wrinkles, and crows feet and make them all beautiful.

And I do it without smoothing your skin to Barbie-like plastic in post processing. In fact, I do very little editing to my images. I don't need to.

I start with the real you. have some fun capturing who you are, and turn it into something priceless that you are proud to display.




This sounds pretty, but it's bunk. I'm just me: I'm not art worthy.

You need to stop that thinking right now and give me a chance to prove you wrong.

I firmly believe that everyone is beautiful, and given a sufficiently talented photographer, a beautiful image can be created without the need for a distracting location (though working on location to help tell your story is something I love), or a boat load of editing after the fact. Ain't nobody got time for that. There is no risk to you to let me prove it.


So many "photographers" these days resort to kitsch or post processing to make their work acceptable. 

Instead of studying the latest trends and trying to keep up, I spent a few years studying the masters. I learned the rules that the portrait painters of yore learned. I learned that lighting and posing do make a difference. They aren't easy to master, but they make all the difference in the world.

You're going to see the difference in the images I create, and I can promise you're going to love them. You can depend on me.


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