So what happens when I call you?

Whether you are calling to arrange family photography, senior portraits, or wedding photography - the processes are all very similar.

The first step is for you to call or email me. I return all my calls as soon as I can, and always within 24 hours. We'll chat a bit on the phone so we make sure we are going to be a good fit going forward and I know what will best meet your needs. During that phone call we'll arrange a meeting. After that phone call, I'll email you a questionnaire that will help me get to know you a little and give us a starting point for our conversation.

Usually that meeting will take place at your home. I like to get an idea of the spaces you intend to display your artwork in and we chat about your style and expectations. We'll talk briefly about wardrobe so we can make sure the photographic artwork we produce fits well when displayed. We'll also talk a little about what the final product looks like - be it a canvas grouping, or one piece of artwork for above the sofa, or possibly a coffee table album. You'll preview the pricing so you'll have an idea what your total investment will be. During this meeting we'll book a date for photography and you'll pay for the session. This meeting usually lasts about 30-45 minutes.

The night before your session you'll be sure to get a good night's sleep and drink plenty of water. Little things matter and being well rested & hydrated helps skin look its best in photographs.

The next step is the fun one. The photography! All the planning work comes together here and we create some beautiful artwork.

I'll take your photos and sort through them, making sure that each one looks its best and is ready for your viewing. I'll call you when they are ready - usually about a week later and we'll set up another meeting.

The last meeting is also in your home. I'll bring your images over, along with a projector and we'll enjoy them together at an appropriate size (no more trying to guess at thumbnails on a computer screen). Then we sort through them and pick out the art for your wall and albums. We also decide who would like which photos as gifts for you to give - parents, grandparents, friends, other family, etc. This is your opportunity to order prints, so all of the decision makers should be present. At the end of this meeting half of the total investment is due. The other half will be due when the prints are delivered, usually less than a week later. This meeting usually lasts 60-90 minutes.

The last step is the delivery, and you begin enjoying all the hard work we have put into creating beautiful artwork for your family to enjoy. All of our hard work pays off; your beautiful photographs come to life as they are carefully printed and displayed in your home.

What are you waiting for? EMAIL ME today and let's do it!