Top Ten Reasons Why Brides & Grooms Run Late For Their Wedding Pictures. from Wedding Photograp

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Top Ten Reasons Why Brides & Grooms Run Late For Their Wedding Pictures.:
10. Hired Transportation: When you hire a limousine or classic car for your wedding day, make sure you allow ample time to get to your destination. Allow for an extra hour just in case there is traffic or other delays. I have witnessed on several different occasions drivers leaving bridal parties and couples behind because they had other commitments because the bride and groom didn’t book their car for long enough. This caused the bride and groom to be late to their own reception in addition to having to find other means of traveling to their destination.


9. Underestimated Travel Times: Depending on where you live, allow plenty of time to get around your city. Check ahead of time for possible road closures due to to other events such as parades, road closures and highway construction. If you live in a lager metropolitan area, it is especially important to allow more time for traffic delays.

8. The Groomsmen: It’s not always the ladies who can be tardy. Guys we are not perfect. Learning how to tie a bow tie on the day of your wedding is not such a good idea; practice your skills before the wedding day. Watching the end of the game isn’t a valid excuse for running late. I love my sports too but today is an exception. Getting great wedding pictures is a team effort. I’m in favor of a cocktail (one) before the wedding but when you’re drunk and unruly it makes taking pictures far more difficult and time-consuming.

7. To Many Family Group Shots: An excessive amount of family pictures or too many smaller group shots as well as unplanned groups can make the pictures taking process exhausting and sometimes stressful. Even if you have bigger families, larger groups that include everyone help to move the process along.


6. Poor Communication With Family: The biggest mistake a bride and groom can make is waiting to inform the family at the rehearsal dinner of the time they need to arrive for family pictures on the wedding day. This needs to be done at least two weeks before, if not a month prior to the wedding. The family members need to be reminded again at the rehearsal dinner. An email with a schedule of when and where to be is also a great tool for getting family members to arrive on time.

5. Family Members Arriving Late: If you have family members who are habitually late it is always a good idea to fib a bit on what time they need to arrive for pictures. We suggest 30-45 minutes depending on their tardiness. I promise, they will forgive you when they realized you fudged on the time a bit!

4. Allow Sufficient Time To Dress: Getting into your dress, attaching your veil and putting on all your jewery may take more time than you think so make sure to allow for plenty of time to get dressed. I have witnessed many times during the dressing processes something needing to be sewn or fixed before pictures can start. Wardrobe malfunctions don’t just happen during Superbowl half-time shows, they can happen to you as well.


3. Bridesmaids at Salon: If you are getting your hair and make-up done at a salon or location other than where you will marry, I suggest driving yourself or traveling with only one other bridesmaid such as your maid of honor. The two of you need to be in a separate car from the rest of your bridesmaids. You two need to be the first ones in the chair and the first ones finished so you can leave. On many occasions I have waited for the bride to arrive at the location she was to dress, but she was stuck at the salon waiting for the one bridesmaid whose hair or make-up wasn’t right. Don’t let one bad maid spoil the party!

2. Hair: Depending on the your hair and your hairstyle on your wedding day, ample time needs to be allowed for the beautification process. The longer your hair the more time you should allow for curling, pining, and styling. Your hair needs to beautiful for your wedding photographs but if your photographer has little or no time to take pictures you are the one who gets cheated.


1. Make-Up: Make-up and hair are the two biggest time draggers on the wedding day and they are the top two reasons why a bride is late to her start time for her wedding pictures. As a photographer this can be very frustrating when you have a beautiful location, a beautiful couple and great light, but as you watch the minutes and hours tick by you realize you’re not going to be able to give your couple your best. Even though you are great at your job, you certainly are not a miracle worker. As your light wanes so can your enthusiasm for your task at hand. The solution to this is to allow plenty of time for your hair and make-up, tell your hair and make-up people you need to be done one full hour before you really do. If your photographer wants you ready at 3:oopm then tell your hair and make-up team 2:00pm. If for some miracle they finish on time, great! Relax, hang out with your girls, have a glass of champagne and enjoy that time with your bridesmaids. Once your photographer arrives you can take your time getting dressed and then you are off to pictures without feeling rushed or stressed.





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