Posture Perfect Pictures! from Wedding Photography 411 by Ryan Phillips

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Posture Perfect Pictures!:
Having good posture will improve most pictures whether you are posing or just caught in a candid shot. First and foremost just watch that you are not slouching. This is the number one thing you should be aware of. Also make sure you are not sitting awkwardly in a chair or with elbows on the table and hands covering part of your face. You don’t need to mug for the camera or even look at it unless directed, you need to remember that you ARE being photographed and should be aware of your posing. ALL DAY!
Here are a few posing tips for different situations. In addition, grab the latest fashion magazine and practice a few poses that you like. You can even bring them along to show your photographer. Not the entire 900 page fall edition of Vogue…just a few pages.
If you remember one pose, this should be it:
First, start by standing with both feet on the ground side-by-side keeping your feet close to shoulder width apart. Next lift your shoulders up and back slightly, then lower them into a relaxed position. Lift your chin up to elongate your neck. Finally, slightly lean forward from your hips this may feel a little awkward, but you will look great. Now take a deep breath and relax!

Break em’ in:

Remember to break in your shoes and practice posing. Many new shoes are slippery at the bottom….scuff the bottoms a bit to make sure you don’t wind up on your arse ;-)icon_wink
If you are on the heavier side, stand contrapposto!
contrapposto |ˌkōntrəˈpästō| noun ( pl. contrapposti |-trəˈpästē| ) Sculpture


an asymmetrical arrangement of the human figure in which the line of the arms and shoulders contrasts with while balancing those of the hips and legs.
Turn mostly sideways towards the camera and then rotate your upper body only towards camera. This will slim you out.Keep those arms away from you!:

DO NOT press your arm against your body it will flatten it out and make it appear larger. In addition it will “lump” together with your body and make the whole structure seem to have more mass. Break it up anyway you can. Even if your are a Size O runway model, DO NOT press your arm against your body.
Get Mermaid with it:

Got Junk in the trunk? Pin your knees together like you are a mermaid with a tail, this will slim you out when facing the camera. You can even extend one knee a little further out to bring everything in a little tighter.
Keep the girls in line:
If you are ”busty” watch how far forward you lean towards the camera you don’t want to give your guests more then they bargained for when they see your photos online ;-)icon_wink Seriously though, just be aware so you don’t look at your pics later and think..”hmmm, maybe I should have shown a little less?”




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