Experts tell me the "About Me" page is one of the most important that I write, so this better be good.

They tell me that as you are reading this, you want to know two things: am I similar (enough) to you, and can you trust me to do my job?

So let's talk about you. If you're like me, you're crazy busy. Your kids are involved in several activities, it takes multiple apps to make your household or business work, and the last thing on your mind is to take time for luxury.

A portrait is a luxury. 

By the time we plan it, photograph it, select it, and install it you'll have made a significant investment of your time; though not as much time as it would've taken to have a painting commissioned. I appreciate that and am honored that you'd give me the opportunity. By the time the project is completed, you will have commissioned a work of art.

If you're like me, you're also starting to think about your legacy in life. What will you leave behind after your time has passed? How will you be remembered? How did you mark the special moments of your life?

A portrait is a luxury item, indeed, but it is not a vanity. 

But it is also what will be treasured and create the most conflicts between your heirs.

If you're like me you've missed milestones in your life that could've been marked and recorded for permanence. Why wait for another?

If you're still reading and would like to know a bit more about me, let's set up a time to chat. I come to the craft of portraiture as a lover of people. I have spent my life in service to others. I cannot wait to share my craft with you and to create artwork that will surprise and delight you.

Let's talk soon!