Why MDKauffmann Photography?
Quite simply, you will not find another photographer in the metro-east who is willing to do more for you. At every meeting, every experience, behind the scenes on wedding day (of course) and at the reveal party, you are going to be amazed. Our clients rave about us; how we went out of our way for them, how we do things they would not have expected from their photographer.

It's easy for a photographer to sell "stuff" - prints, albums, and digital copies of photographs. It's easy for a  photographer to be cheap - to underbid everyone else in the industry in the name of "saving you money." It's harder for a photographer to sell quality or experience. Those are things you just have to experience for yourself. It's harder for a photographer to sell value, especially when it comes with a price tag. But the hard things are what we take pride in.

There are no shortcuts to quality, there is no substituting an experience.

Want to know more? Check out http:/​/​about.​me/​mdkauffmann or email me now and we'll meet for coffee and talk about your needs, wants & desires in a portrait or wedding photographer.


You can trust us to create exceptional artwork.